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Dramatiker Greg Zittel



Drama by Greg Zittle.
4 m., 2 f.  1 Int., 1 Ext. 
It's 1930. Lovely, level-headed Molley Farrell lives with her alcoholic father in Verona, New Jersey, and dreams of a better life. Molley's best friend dates a bootlegger who arranges a date for Molly with a thug named AI. Romance blooms between the brutish Al and the delicate Molley-until Molley learns what Al does for a living. Al must t'lecide if he can abandon his gangster life for Molly. "One hell of a play in a straight-line cinematic style that's quite in keeping with the time and place of the story. My heart was in my mouth from first to last, both because of the thundercloud violence and the against-the-odds romance forcing itself through the violence like a flower through grimy concrete."-N.Y. Post

Contact: Samuel French

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